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The Lifecycle collection of modern glass wall art symbolises the constant twists, turns, swirls and changes in our lifetime. Sometimes we come back to the source, sometimes we grow with increasing energy. The broken pieces of glass used in these designs are smooth to the touch but create a rocky landscape. With glass reflections and three-dimensional effects, we highlight that paths are not always smooth and there may be bumps in the road.


Modern glass wall art provides a stunning and distinctive focus for your interior walls. The lifecycle collection uses coloured resin which is added once the glass swirl has been created. The use of the shiny tinted resin allows me to add something fluid to the piece which alters the colours and hues within the glass. Dichroic glass can also be used which produces shifting colours depending on the angle of view and the available light, causing an array of colours to be visible. Every time you look, you see something different – each new viewing offering a new perspective on life.


These artworks are recessed in the frame, so the translucent glass pieces appear to float before your eyes, supported yet fragile, reflecting the circle of life.


Ready-made pieces from this collection are available from the gallery shop or can be commissioned as bespoke pieces. I am always innovating with new materials, so please follow me on Instagram to see my latest creations.


I’m fluent in Spanish, French and English and am happy to converse with you about your commission in any of these languages.


To commission a custom artwork, call me for a chat on +44 (0) 773 3321094 or email me on

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