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The ‘Finding the Balance’ 3D glass wall art collection is inspired by the challenges we encounter in balancing different aspects of life. The different pieces of fused glass represent the idea that there is no perfect balance; no right or wrong. Glass brings both a sense of fragility and positive outlook with its strong tones and reflections showing that balance can be achieved.


Each piece of glass melts in a different way; having almost its own sense of purpose, creating unique textures, colours, reflections and intricacies. Through experimentation in the process with an intuitive sense of when to add more glass, the piece comes to its natural balance.


There are two elements which contribute to the 3 dimensional effect of the glass wall artworks in this collection – the individuals pieces of 3D glass and the unusual 3D effect framing, where the piece is recessed from the backing. This design gives the artwork a life of its own, as it appears to levitate in the frame.


When commissioning a piece from the ‘Finding the Balance’ collection, you may wish to share with me your story, your hopes and your aspirations for life so that I can weave them into the artwork.


How do you find your balance in life?


There are so many ways and sometimes we fall and stand up again, ask for some help and continue building our dreams… these are some of the aspects that inspire me when creating ‘Finding the Balance’ collection. This part of the commissioning process is vital to give each customer a sense of confidence that the finished result will be in harmony with your desires for your bespoke artwork.


Corporate commissions from this collection can reflect your company brand identity, using your colour palette to create a meaningful piece for your reception or waiting room which resonates with both staff and customers alike.


Ready—made pieces of 3D glass art from the this collection are available from the gallery shop and have been inspired by my own stories and balancing life’s challenges.


I’m fluent in Spanish, French and English and am happy to converse with you about your commission in any of these languages.


To commission a custom artwork, call me for a chat on +44 (0) 773 3321094 or email me on

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