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The ‘Joie De Vivre’ collection is my most recent creation of coloured resin art. It celebrates our zest for life and the energetic ways in which we live our lives. Inspired by the global pandemic in 2020, where the world was experiencing an exceptional curtailment of freedom, these vibrant and colourful pieces are about seeking out positivity, union and vivacity.


Coloured resin art has a highly reflective surface and many people think it is glass. These versatile artworks may contain some glass but are mostly resin based. Working with resin brings a unique level of luminosity, clarity and depth to the piece.


Joie De Vivre resin art can be made into large pieces of artwork. This quality makes it especially attractive for corporate clients who may have a sizeable space in their reception area or other communal spaces which require statement pieces. In addition, the resin can be coloured to reflect your company brand and your vision, incorporating a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

My coloured resin art reflects the continuity and circle of life as each individual element touches another. This represents our sense of cohesion and the interdependencies in our communities which flourish in times of difficulty. We create a feeling of learning from each other and being stronger as a result.

Ready-made pieces from this collection are available from the gallery shop or can be commissioned as bespoke pieces.


I’m fluent in Spanish, French and English and am happy to converse with you about your commission in any of these languages.


To commission a custom artwork, call me for a chat on +44 (0) 773 3321094 or email me on

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