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Eva Edery is an international glass artist based in London. She is passionate about making glass art part of contemporary fine art collections. She strives to make her pieces timeless, bold and vibrant. Her Mediterranean background brings the use of vibrant hues and her vision is to become an innovator in creating art with glass.

Eva gets inspiration from life experiences and spirituality, from healing to looking positively at the future. After surviving cancer, her collections ‘The Journey’, ‘The Tree of Life’ or ‘Finding the Balance’ reflect personal insights.


Eva is attracted to geometrical forms with cubism and abstract expressionism featuring in her style. She gets inspired by Mondrian, Miro, Picasso and Pollock. She also takes great insights from the Impressionists in terms of playing with light and glass reflections when creating her pieces.Her creations require the ability of mixing science with creativity in order to bring new experiences to the viewer. Eva enjoys experimenting with the physics of glass melting points and properties to achieve unique artistic creations.

She welcomes bespoke private and corporate commissions.

Glass Art Collections

The 'Tree of Life' collection inspires growth for individuals, families and communities.


'Finding the Balance' conveys the challenges one encounters in balancing different aspects of life 

'The Journey' reflects the trials and opportunities we encounter during our lifetime.

'Connections' reflects human relations and interactions with our environment.

'Joie de Vivre' celebrates Life and the search for connections and positivity

Lifecycle symbolise the constant turns, swirls and changes in our lifetime.

Meditation invites you to relax, focus your energy and let your mind wander.

'Heart Beat' emit love and life

'Flowers' is a celebration of colourful nature which infuses optimism

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