Creates fine art inspired by life journeys

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Bespoke glass wall art tailored to your aspirations


Bespoke glass wall art, inspired by life journeys, as an integral part of your environment, makes a bold statement, and provides a talking point which resonates with all who visit your home or office.


Whether you are looking for a custom piece of sculptural glass art for your family home or a series of pieces of art for offices, reflecting your company’s vision and branding, you need look no further for 3D fused glass wall art that inspires and delights.


Using unique techniques, developed through my own experiments with different materials and methods, each piece, though part of a collection, is a completely custom creation, inspired by the twists and turns, ups and downs and fragility of life.


Glass Art Collections

For each collection, you can purchase ready-made glass wall art from the gallery shop and studio or you can commission your custom designed piece.

  • The 'Tree of Life' collection inspires growth for individuals, families and communities.


  • 'The Journey' reflects the trials and opportunities we encounter during our lifetime.

  • 'Connections' reflects human relations and interactions with our environment.

  • 'Joie de Vivre' celebrates Life and the search for connections and positivity

  • Lifecycle symbolise the constant turns, swirls and changes in our lifetime.



“Once we saw Eva's pieces at an art exhibition, it inspired us to incorporate glass art as part of our interior design, as we were looking for a contemporary and unique look. Eva kept us in the loop during the whole process, so it felt like we developed the art pieces with her. Highly recommended" 


Captivating interior design art inspired by life’s stories


Your home deserves the very best glass wall art that fits seamlessly into your life, so your personality and story are incorporated into each creation. Working with me is a collaborative process beginning with a visit to your home (or via Zoom/Skype) where you can explore your thoughts about the piece you desire and show me where you would like to display the art.


Having identified the location for the wall art, the surroundings and lighting are considered when designing the piece. During the creation process, you will have the opportunity to see the piece as it is developing, so that you can be reassured that you will adore the finished art.


Contemporary fine art finds a perfect position in the modern workplace through careful placement of glass wall sculptures for offices. Giving meaning to your company’s vision and journey through the expressive medium of glass art will elevate your customer’s view of your purpose, vision, mission, and values.


“From a corporate branding perspective, Eva understood what messages we wanted to convey with the art. She offers a unique combination of art and business acumen."

To start your journey to a beautiful, custom, handmade piece of glass art, call me today for a no-obligation chat about your aspirations. I’m fluent in Spanish, French and English and am happy to converse with your about your commission in any of these languages.


Call 07733 3212094 or email

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